Constructions Services

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Building a Future Full of Opportunity

While other firms tend to neglect some of the most important aspects of construction and construction management, I have succeeded to not only deliver the best, but do so with an overall excellence that is unmatched in all areas of the construction market. I am commitment to high performance and an aspiration to achieve what other companies often overlook.
Many firms fail to understand the importance of a quality-driven construction company that not only delivers exceptional construction results, but at the same time understands and implements the needs of the surrounding communities.
My team is focused on excellence and a deep understanding of today’s needs. We realize the importance for a revolutionary and community oriented company that puts its clients and partners first; dealing with them in a friendly and responsible manner that nurtures the whole community and society at large.
My key emphasis is always on open communication; attention to detail that satisfies clients, a can-do attitude, and an on-time on budget work flow. While other companies find this difficult if not impossible, My team is renowned for mentoring subcontractors and involving minorities in all areas of a project. This is made possible through diligence and overcoming challenges with a positive attitude and an ongoing commitment to build, grow, and thrive on all levels!

Construction Service Benefits

The main strength of my company lies in a network of highly experienced professionals that form the backbone of My Company. Their critical advice and experience are brought forth to the table whenever necessary.

Our depth of construction building experience allows us to easily understand the true costs of mobilization and project recovery costs, as well as estimating the present value of any project.

Most construction companies fail to understand the importance of evaluating the cost of problems that might arise during the construction project which in turn increase the final cost. I personally understands this particular issue and believes that inspections for value should at least include a precursory review for problems so they can be included in cost to complete.

One of the most vital signs of a healthy and successful construction company is its unwavering dedication to value-driven practices, such as strong team work and quality inspection services.

Inspection Services

Our team brings decades of experience into the construction business, as can clearly be seen from our inspection service. We have a program of monthly project progress evaluations that estimate the true value of any current or future work. Some of the key inspection service features include:
Inspections of active projects for construction defects and code violations
Inspections to locate and solve water intrusion problems
Inspections and testing for mold
Punch list formulation
Inspections to estimate value work in place due to contractor termination
Inspections for cost to complete.