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We recognize that no assignment to find talent is the same — each one presents its own challenges, according to the supply of experience within the specific market and the nature of the role that needs to be filled at your company. We use various methods to source the best candidates for you, including one (or a combination) of the following:


To attract the best candidates for your company, our team will search our own extensive database, advertise on major recruitment websites, headhunt from competing firms, and accepting referrals from within our existing network. With our contingency recruitment services, your company will not incur any fees unless you successfully select and place one of our candidates.


Is there a limited supply of talent, in your local market, with the experience you require? We will conduct extensive research to identify prospective candidates who are considered expert caliber in their industry. Our team will proactively approach them with an exciting opportunity that your company is offering, as they are highly unlikely to be looking at job boards.


A preferred recruitment method for senior positions, our retained search guarantees the best return on investment. Your company will pay a percentage of the fee on engagement, which allows us to dedicate time to work solely on your assignment. The 2nd installment will be paid upon completion of a pre-agreed task & balance will be paid after you appoint the successful candidate.

You can trust CST Connections to identify the best candidate in the market to fill your role while you focus on your daily business responsibilities at your company. Our niche recruitment advisors will manage the entire permanent recruitment process: marketing the career opportunity, finding the best qualified candidates, arranging interviews, salary negotiations, and selection on-boarding for successful candidates.

We know that mistakes in selection can be very costly; therefore, our process is adapted according to your needs including customization of skills and psychometric testing, structured behavioral interviewing, reference checking and other specific recruitment tools. We maintain regular communication with you and our candidates throughout the process. In addition, we offer a guarantee on all of our placed candidates. If for any reason a candidate doesn’t work out in the first 90 days, we’ll find another suitable replacement at no extra cost to you.

Whether you need six IT software engineers candidates who can start tomorrow, an interim CFO to cover an unexpected vacancy, or a niche / hard to find skill set like an oil & gas engineering expert or a technical business analyst with capital markets systems knowledge… we can deliver!

We are happy and have the capability to supply our employer clients with single contractors up to entire project teams. Beyond supplying the best contractors to fill your needs, our goal is to provide clients with a hassle-free service. Once a CST Connections contractor has started working on assignment at your company, all that we ask is that their timesheet is approved on the frequency agreed upon and we will take care of the rest. Our recruitment specialist provide “contractor care” by keeping in regular contact with the contractor and helping to to resolve any issues that arise.

We also provide Contractor-to-Hire recruitment services as well if you desire this method of recruitment.

At CST Connections, we recognize that recruiting permanent staff is not always the right solution for your business. Recruiting temporary staff members can offer great flexibility and cost effectiveness, while also shortening the time it will take to recruit the talent you need.

We can provide you with high quality candidates, to support your business in the following situations:

    Seasonal fluctuations
  • Short to medium term increases in business needs
  • New contract wins / Project implementation
  • Pilot project delivery
  • Contract wind down

We have a pool of temporary staff who are pre-vetted and ready to take on short, medium and longer-term assignments.

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